More Reasons Not to Store Your POV with IAL


I written on this topic before but it is really imperative that service members understand how negligent the newest government contractor, International Auto Logistics (IAL), is in caring for their client’s vehicles.


Check out the Military Times Report on better monitoring for stored vehicles.

Their latest mishap was related to leaks within their facilities. These leaks have caused damage to almost 500 cars…that’s almost more than we store in total.


What concerns me the most is that many employees probably walked by these cars multiple times and did and said nothing. That is systemic apathy at its worst.

In the past IAL had problems with on time delivery, improper invoicing, and straight up loosing cars.

The contact has been extended so IAL will be around for a while.

However If you are deploying out of San Diego, I would implore you to consider us. We will work with you to file your reimbursement and in some cases can save you money if you have 2 or more vehicles to store.

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