Rebuilding an Alternator


Recently we’ve been having some electrical draw issues with a very nice and rare 1970 Dodge Challenger 440 Six Pack.

The car has eaten two batteries (one of which was a very expensive OEM recreation). You would leave the battery connected for just two hours and it would be drained.


After speaking with the restorer, the owner, several electrics experts, and our general mechanic, we’re all stumped on what the ‘smoking gun’ would be.

Our solution? We’re gonna throw parts at the car. Not always wise, but because these cars are so simple, it can only be a short list of systems that could be causing the problem.

…so we decided to rebuild the alternator. We could have replaced the alternator but most of the parts on the car are original and we want to continue that trend.


The alternator is now off and it will go to the nice folks at Romaine Electric. They will rebuild it and then we will reinstall.

Keep your fingers crossed that we found the problem!

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