Some New Knowledge About AGM Batteries


This week we received a new old-looking battery from the folks at Antique Auto Battery for a 1970 Dodge Challenger we have in storage. Heres us installing the battery under the hood:


With this new battery we received some special instructions on how to jump and charge it. These were frankly tips that we had never seen before.

We’ve covered storage of AGM batteries and our general understanding was that they just didn’t like storage. However these tips gave us some insight as to why they might be failing under our care.

The goal is to keep a battery in healthy shape for as long as possible. These tips are specific to AGM style batteries:

  • When charging an AGM battery, do so at 10 amps (not the traditional 2 amps). If the charger has a n AGM setting use that too.

  • If the car in which the battery is installed doesn’t move for extended periods of time, you should charge the AGM battery every 2.5 months.

  • If your AGM battery ever goes dead, DO NOT USE A JUMPER BOX. Instead use jumper cables hooked up to another vehicle.

We’re going to experiment with these guidelines and see if we cant our customer supplied AGM batteries to last a little longer.

And don’t forget to follow us!



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