Be Careful Who You Store Your Car With


Last week we took a vehicle in from a customer who had originally stored his prized Mercedes 380 SL with one of our competitors.

His initial phone call to us was a distressed one. He had been storing his car for many years with these people through several ownership and name changes. The current owners left his car sitting for over 3 years without starting! …this is not conjecture, the company’s own documentation left in the car before it was removed from storage showed this.


We ended up receiving the vehicle after the owners mechanic performed extensive repairs and even then it still didn’t run right.

Additionally the vehicle was rusted and dash was cracked from being stored close to salt water.


From what I understand, the owner of the vehicle paid for a year up front. This no start issue was brought to the customer’s attention in the middle of the year. The customer reasonably asked to be reimbursed for the part of the year he didn’t use. The storage outfit in question denied his request. He then asked if he could at least be paid back for the time the car was at the shop and not in storage, they also denied that request.


At least the car found a home with us (see photo above).

Make sure you know the people or business well that will take care of your car! Protect your investment with someone who cares.