Taking Delivery of Cars via Transport Truck


Most of the time, our customers will drive their vehicles to us and handle paperwork/ inspections in-person.

But sometimes a customer will have their vehicle transported via trailer. This happens for many reasons: car was purchased out-of-town/state, customer is out-of-town/state, car does not run, or the car has expired tags.

In these cases, extra diligence is required in all respects. We have to communicate with the truck drivers about our hours of operation, all information has to be gathered from customer, and payments for all parties involved have to be settled before the car is released to us. However the most important part of taking delivery via vehicle carrier is the drop-off inspection.

To illustrate why, I have an anecdote that came up about a week ago. A longtime customer of ours with several cars stored here had a Yukon XL shipped from Colorado. It had some rare options and that was the only area of the country he was able to locate one for sale!

When it left Colorado, the vehicle was inspected. BUT at that time it was covered in snow so a lot of the body panels were not visible. When it arrived here, upon delivery, I inspected the vehicle and compared my damage notes against what I observed. There were a few large gouges on the hood that were not documented:


I pointed these out to the drivers, the transport company, and the dealer that sold the car. Everyone was very helpful and easy to work with. Once the dust settled and repair estimates were drawn, the transport company agreed to pay to restore the hood. It is worth noting that all parties were very friendly and easy to work with.

While it takes extra effort to perform this inspection, our customers thank and appreciate our detail-oriented approach. This is yet another way that storing your vehicle with AAAA Auto Storage & Park will help protect the value of your automotive asset!

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