5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Car Storage


5 Questions You Need to Ask When Shopping for Car Storage

I was on the phone with a customer today who is assigned to the USS America. She will be storing her car with us at the end of the month. She had called around to several facilities around town looking for a safe place for her car. She however chose us because she liked the answers she got to her questions

I frankly thought these questions were excellent as a way to vet potential car storage companies. Here are five of them:

How Long Have You Been In Business?

New and cool is great for a lot of things but not car storage. Newer businesses have a higher risk of failure and that means your storage contract could be sold and your car moved to a new company against your wishes.

Ask the representative on the phone how long their company has been in business. Also ask them how long the current owner has been there. Often time’s companies will keep the same name and change owners.


Can I Speak to One of the Owners?

Car storage is a hands-on business. Just today I had to, wash, move, and jumpstart several cars. Not to mention solve several customer issues.

Many people who get into this business think they can simply let it run itself. You can tell those owners by how often they show up to handle day-to-day issues.


What Is the Storage Building Constructed Of?

Cars should be stored in brick buildings ideally with concrete floors. It will keep the heat in during the winter and circulate cool air in the summer.


Will My Car be Stored On Site?

Many companies will store your car in remote satellite locations that require days of planning and preparation to get to. If you cannot see where your car is being stored do not do business with that company.

What Does Your Insurance Cover?

A vehicle storage facility should have garage keepers insurance to include liability and legal liability for fire theft collision and vandalism. They should not require you to keep your own collision and liability insurance on your vehicle.

More-over make sure you ask if insurance is included in their quoted rate or if it is extra.

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