Tips on Windshield Repair


AAAA Auto Storage & Park has partnered with reputable car care professionals in San Diego to ensure we are a full service house for your car care needs. Need your windshield replaced while your car is in our care? We can handle anything from a trusty old Toyota Pickup to this beautiful and rare Nissan GT-R.

These are real shots of one of our trusted partners USA Auto Glass installing a new windshield into this GT-R. It got me thinking that most people are at a loss for what to do when they get a windshield crack or need a new windshield. Heres a quick set of pointers when repairing/replacing a windshield. Some of these tips that we’ve picked up over the years could end up saving you a small fortune:


1.    Get the damage assessed as soon as possible 

A chip can turn into a crack in just a few days, but while a windshield chip is small, it can most likely be filled. Time is of the essence on getting a windshield repair professional to take care of any damage you’ve incurred as hot and cold can cause the chip to grow into a crack.

2.    Your insurance may pick up the tab 

Depending on your carrier and policy structure your insurance may replace or repair your windshield for free! 0 deductible. Many people will fork over full price for an OEM windshield when they don’t have to. Talk to your insurance company before reaching into your own pocket.

3.    Consider aftermarket glass 

Original manufacturer glass can end up costing five to 10 times the amount of a good quality aftermarket windshield. Always consider an aftermarket option for replacement. Most experiences we’ve had with them have been good. 

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