Top 3 Cars Stored by AAAA Storage


We’ve had the privilege of looking after some great cars over the years. From Cesar Chavez’s Hummer to the Batmobile, AAAA Auto Storage has seen almost everything.

With that said, I wanted to dedicate a post to three of my all-time favorites:

3. 1972 Dino GT


The Dino was Ferrari’s attempt at producing a low cost sports car. While the car wasn’t a complete bargain, its sticker price was comparable with the Porsche 911 at about $15,000. Still if you’ve kept one this long, you’ve invested wisely as good examples are now commanding upwards of $400,000!

The example we stored was pretty special. 1 owner car, original paint, and low mileage.

2. 1992 GMC Syclone


I know this one is weird…believe it or not though, one of these beat a Ferrari 348 in a 1991 issue of Car and Driver! The reason? AWD and a twin turbo V6 under the hood.

This car is one of many from the same owner that we have in our care. This one only has 10,000 miles on the clock

1. 1970 Plymouth Road Runner


Along with most of the older MOPAR stuff, road runner prices have gone way up. Back in the late 60s/ early 70s, you could get these cars with a 440 six pack! That combined with the ‘meep-meep’ horn is just too cool to pass up.

However this car was a bench seat, column shift 383. A fairly common car, but what made this special, in my opinion, was that the owner took this old commuter car and performed a full frame off restoration. The 1 speaker radio and rear defroster even worked! That is love…and I respect that.

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