Vendor Spot Light: Al’s Mobile Bumper Repair


We just took a reservation for 2 cars for a period of 3-4 years today.

Body work can be very expensive. A simple bumper cover replacement can run $700-800….even more if you have a rare version of your car (Lancer Evo’s and special editions of vehicles).

We are very aware of this and have been looking for a solution to provide our customers with.

Al’s Mobile Bumper Repair has lived up to our criteria in every way. He is mobile and mixes is own paint on site. He’ll fill in any scratches and gouges you may have.

A bumper on the brand new C7 Corvette above would have cost close to $1000. We were able to get this done for $250 within a few hours and the car didn’t have to go anywhere..

Give Al a try if you need this type of service:

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