When We Recommend Indoor Storage


To juxtapose our last blog post (When We Recommend Outdoor Storage) we want to go over a few cases when we recommend indoor storage…

…well obviously, if money is not an issue, we ALWAYS recommend indoor storage! However we realize that not every customer is going to have the want or the means to put there car inside. However, these are some cases where it is almost a given in our eyes:

Storage for More than Six Months

Even the newest, toughest cars will start to look a bit shabby after six months. It is best to give it a break from the sun and rain for that length of time.

Late Model Luxury Cars

If you own a 5 year old or less luxury car, its always a good idea to put her indoors. When you spend north of $60,000 on a car, you don’t want faded paint, plastic, and rubber. You also do not you want your supple leather seats or dash to crack.

This is especially true when you lease and the dealer could end up charging you for premature wear at the time of turn in.

Collector, Classic, or Rare Cars


If you own a finished collector or classic car, you should be putting it indoors. The reason is that old cars are not as resilient when it comes to standing the test of the elements.

High strung and rarified specialty cars are the same way.

(No matter what you drive) If you see your car as an investment

I am willing to guess that most of you who are reading this paid a fair amount of money for your cars, love them, and would like to see them last as long as possible. Storing indoors will ensure that it comes out looking as good as it did going in.

Take it from the owner of the CRX in the video above. He bought it new!

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