When We Recommend Outdoor Storage


While we unanimously agree that indoor storage is the best for your car, truck, RV, or motorcycle, there are some situations where we think it is okay to store your car outdoors.

Here are some of those situations:

When your car will not be with us for very long

If your car will only be with us for 3 months or less, it is our experience that interior and exterior trim and paint will hold up well…especially if you own a new car.

When you have a project car 


Project cars such as this Camaro above can stand a bit of sun, heat, and rain …especially if you are going to refinish the paint and interior anyway. However we do recommend a tarp and car cover to keep most of the elements out.

When you need a budget option

Many of our customers cannot afford to keep their vehicle indoors but still want the peace of mind that comes with having a safe secure place for their vehicle. In these cases, even storing your car outdoors is a better bet than leaving it with a friend or relative.

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