Why Not Store Your Car with a Friend


We just got this solid little red Jeep in today. It belongs to a gentleman who is current deployed with the Navy and he and his family had asked us to take possession of his vehicle late in his deployment because his friends were doing a less than stellar job in looking after it.

Allegedly, since this car was in the care of said friend, the ragtop had been destroyed (windows slashed), right rear tail light lens had been smashed, and the clutch had gone out.

Once we received the keys and permission to retrieve the vehicle, we had our tow company bring the Jeep to us. It is now in our care at our main facility where we get estimates for a clutch rebuild so that when the owner comes home, he can drive the vehicle out.

The moral of the story here? While your friends may mean well, you should really consider car storage options when leaving your prized car or truck with them  cheap weddingdress.

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