Why You Shouldn’t Store Your Car On A Lift


Before I ruffle feathers, I’d like to say that this only applies to storing your vehicle with a car storage facility…someone who specializes in car storage. If you store your car at home on a lift you obviously have a far great degree of control over what lift you choose and what cars will go where. The reason that an auto storage facility would stack vehicles on lifts is to maximize space. If you use verticle space you can effectively double your income potential without having to expand the amount of square footage you use (effectively keeping your costs the same).


The reason this is a bad practice? Leaks…potentially from both the car above and the lift.

If you store your car with someone, they end up choosing what cars go where. They may be confident that the car on top of the lift does not leak, but they will only know what the customer tells them. If your car is on the bottom of a car that leaks brake fluid, its game over for your paint finish.

Lifts can leak hydraulic fluid as well. Especially cheaply made ones. If your auto storage facility has limited experience with lifts or wants to maximize profits and limit costs, they are probably going to choose cheaply made Chinese lifts. Quality lifts are not inexpensive ($5000 plus) so it is easy to choose based on cost knowing nothing else.

Our suggestion? Make sure you carefully vet whoever stores your car. Take a tour. Make note of the brand of lifts they employ. Request that you be put on top or on the ground with nothing above you.

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