CAR FOR SALE! 2002 E46 M3 Convertible 6MT


Many times, customers store cars with us because they want to sell them. Sometimes they don’t have room for the car at home, sometimes they are leaving town immediately and need to have us be a sort of automotive escrow.

When we accept a car into storage and we know it’s for sale, we always try to showcase the car whether we are consigning it or not.


This particular car is an 02 BMW M3 convertible up for auction now at Bring a Trailer (BAT).

The E46 M3 is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the M3 cars. It’s got the legendary straight 6 BMW engine that they are known for. This one makes 100/hp per liter making it one of the most powerful NA engines BMW has built for the street. BMW since has not made another NA 6 cylinder M car. It’s either been v8s or turbo charged straight 6’s.


This one is optioned in a very tasteful silver on black combo with the correct transmission (sorry smg). It also has the basic business cd and sound system…so no distraction from the idrive!

Finally there is the convertible…traditional gear head gospel dictates that a performance car should always be a hard top, but the dogma isn’t right….this car is a blast with the roof gone.

Please check this car out, leave a comment on the site, and maybe even bid! GLWA!