What Does All That Stuff on My Windshield Mean?


One of the best things about storing with us, is that we have lots of extra services that can be performed while you’re away.

Tires, batteries, paint, body, and mechanical repair: we can do it all while your car is in our care!


One of the most common items we replace are windshields. With our partner shop USA Auto Glass, most windshields can be replaced relatively inexpensively on site!

Last time we did this however, a customer asked me what all of the lettering means on the windshield. I then realized this was a knowledge blind spot for me…so I thought I’d take to the internet to look for answers then publish my findings on our blog.


Items In The Lower Right of the Glass

There is text in the lower right portion of the glass (if you are looking at it). Above is an example.

  • So clearly this glass was an OEM part of a Nissan.

  • Next we have the company that made it. This is a Nissan Contractor company. Not all parts are made by Nissan directly.

  • The AS1 means that it is the clearest form of glass to use in cars. AS2 or 3 would mean that it is tinted. Only AS1 glass can be used as windshields.

  • The E means that it was also manufactured to European safety spec. The numbers following that pertain to the same safety spec.

  • The DOT-287 signifies the same for the US market.

  • Hecho in Mexico means that it was made in Mexico.

  • M119 is the manufacturers part number.

Here is a link to a great site showing a key for almost every marking and here is where I pulled most of the info for this blog post from.


Items in the Upper Left Corner of The Glass

There is also one item in the upper left of the glass.

  • This also reads AS1 but has an arrow in between and a line.

  • This shows the lowest point at which the glass can be darker than clear (that AS1 transparency from above). This comes in handy when you want to install an aftermarket tint strip or if a glass manufacturer wants to include one within the glass. It can go down to that like.

  • This is all a bit esoteric but its our goal to understand everything within our automotive wheel house and we hope that you found this informative.