How To Mitigate Rodent Damage When Storing Your Vehicle Long Term


Rodents can be a problem when storing your vehicle long term. They love warm, out-of –the-way, tight spaces, that are infrequently trafficked by people. Your car ticks all of the boxes for this…especially if you don’t start it for months at a time.

Here are 3 things (among many!) you can do to mitigate rodent habitation of your vehicle during a long storage period:

1. Clean/ detail your interior before storing. This is especially true if you eat in your car. One old gum wrapper or stale French fry could catch the noise of a rat or mouse.


2. Do not use your car as a storage locker. This goes back to the ‘tight spaces’ claim mentioned above. When you load up your car you are effectively creating a rodent motel.


3. Use dry rat poison under the hood. If you buy little Dixie Cups, fill with dry rodent poison pellets and place under your hood, this will act as a strong deterrent. Rodents love engine bays because they are insulated. They also offer nesting spaces and materials from which to make the actual nest (insulation, battery blanket, wiring).


I hope this has been helpful…taking just one of these steps could save you time and money when it comes time to take your vehicle out.

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