Legendary and Iconic: Ford GT For Sale by Owner!


We MOSTLY store normal pedestrian cars. Some classics…and fewer exotics. However this one is rarefied air.

The Ford GT is a throwback car. Its done in the spirit of the Ford GT40: The famous car that Carroll Shelby drove in the 1966 LeMans race. The 3 GT40s fielded beat all three of the comparable Ferrari’s.

This was sweet revenge for Ford as Ferraris owners had backed out of an acquisition deal a few years earlier. As a matter of fact the GT40 development was a direct response to the fracturing of this deal.

While the GT40 was a rough and tough track monster, the Ford GT is more modern and refined. It was designed primarily as a road car rather than a race car for the street. The engine block was plucked from a Expedition. Of course with different heads, a supercharger, different gearing, and a purpose built 6 speed manual transmission.


Probably my favorite part about this car though is that you get ALL 500 torque at 3750 RPM!

This particular example is finished in red paint with white stripes… simple black and silver interior. The tach is in front of you and speedo is to the side… love the priority here!


Best of all this car is BRAND NEW… 100 miles on the odo.


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