Who Stores A Car?


We often get the comment from folks that they didn’t even realize our service ‘was a thing!’

I can see why people may think that. We offer an “as needed service.” It is certainly not an impulse buy or something folks talk about or show off at cocktail parties.

But like any other cottage industry, we do have some larger groups of customers that can be summed up into a handful of categories.

Here are two no one considers:

Travel Nurses


Travel Nurses can and do work anywhere. This means they can keep a home base in one city (usually a nice one like San Diego). Nurses are paid well so they tend to have nice or newer cars and because of the amount of time away from home, they are usually single.

This means that when they travel to a temporary assignment, they have limited options for long term care of their vehicles…that’s where we come in.

Probate, Will, and Trust Cases


Not the happiest situation but when a loved one or client (if an attorney or trust administrator) passes way, often times family issues or probate has to be worked through. This takes time. We offer an impartial solution to keep said vehicle in good shape while things shake out.


Above is an Aston Martin we just took in for this purpose.

Ill cover some other types of customers in the future!