We Do It All: Jeep Project


Something that we wish more of our customers knew about were our extra services.

For additional fees, we can perform all sorts of vehicle maintenance and care services: Paint, body, basic service, mechanical repair, plastidip. We work closely with reliable and skilled technicians that can competently repair and improve your vehicle while it’s in our care.


The latest project we are proud of is this Jeep Wrangler. As you can see, the owner loves it. The whole Currie parts catalogue has been thrown at it.

This Jeep has been in storage for about 3 years now and the owner wanted to ensure it was safe to go back on the road. He also wanted 4 new tires installed. Finally he wanted a 4wd light error diagnosed.


He shipped all of the fluids he wanted to use. I got labor prices for him. We had our partner mechanic do the oil change, spark plugs, transmission fluid, and cooling system service.

He also wanted his transfer case and differentials serviced as well but found out it required quite a bit of labor and some off road expertise as this is a modified setup. I did some research and found that 4 Wheel Parts (4WP) in Chula Vista would service those 4WD components for a reasonable price. I could also order tires through them and get the 4WD light diagnosed.


After ordering the tires I had to find a shop that installed them onto wheels with a ‘bead lock’. After some sleuthing I found ‘Courtney Tire’ in Chula Vista. I sent the tires and Jeep down and did an expert job with the tires and alignment.

From there the Jeep was brought to 4WP for the 4WD light and system service.

She’s now back at AAAA Auto Storage in anticipation of her owners pickup!