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Scuffed Wheels? Refinish Them!

Another popular service we offer is wheel refinishing. Almost all new vehicles come with 18” or larger wheels with very low profile tires. It is almost inevitable that you will curb or scrape them. OEM wheels are also pricey! I just did a quote for a 2011 BMW 3 series wheel (non M) and it was over $400! The solution? Wheel refinishing! We are fortunate to work with a quality, consistent, and family owned wheel refinisher called American Factory Wheel….

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We Do It All: Jeep Project

Something that we wish more of our customers knew about were our extra services. For additional fees, we can perform all sorts of vehicle maintenance and care services: Paint, body, basic service, mechanical repair, plastidip. We work closely with reliable and skilled technicians that can competently repair and improve your vehicle while it’s in our care. The latest project we are proud of is this Jeep Wrangler. As you can see, the owner loves it. The whole Currie parts catalogue…

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Vendor Highlight: Ace Radiator

There are many people and business we depend on to be able to deliver value to our customers. One of those businesses is Ace Radiator in Barrio Logan. Ace Radiator has been around since 1921 and has served us well for many years! They offer gas tank and radiator restoration for almost all applications. Their services are very useful for older cars whose radiators have become calcified and repro’s aren’t made or just don’t look as good under the hood….

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